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Late Orders - Sports

We wait approximately 7 days after the photo event for additional photo orders. After 7 days, photos are sent to our lab for printing and packaging. Orders received after 7 days from the photo day will be considered late and will be treated as a late order.

Orders considered late will not be given priority! Late orders create additional issues with delivery and take more time in post-production resulting in additional costs. Any late order will be addressed as time permits.

If you would like to prioritize your late order, this can be done at a cost of $10 per order. Just add $10 to the photo order and indicate on the order form that you would like the order expedited. If you expedite your late order, your photos will be mailed to your home address to avoid delivery issues which may occur when the order is not expedited. It will take approx 2 weeks once the order is received.

Late orders which re not expedited can take as long as 4 weeks before photos are delivered to the coach for districution.

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